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Lions Club of Yarrawonga (Inc)

Victoria, Australia, District 201V6

History of The Lions Club Of Yarrawonga Inc.

This is the start of the history of the Lions Club of Yarrawonga which will grow as the known information is eventually documented and additional pieces come to light.

Below the entry for Dec 1964 is a llist of projects that the Yarrawonga Club has been involved in.

Sep 1964

The Lions Club of Yarrawonga was chartered[1] on the 14 September 1964 with 20 Charter Members, but unfortunately, to the best of our knowledge, all have since passed away, but their legacy lives on.

Dec 1964

The Charter dinner was held on 5th Dec 1964[2] at the Cypress Garden Motel, Yarrawonga and presided over by Keith (surname unknown) where the Yarrawonga Charter was presented by the then District Governor Neville Gibson to the Yarrawonga Charter President Reg Buchanan.

After the formal part of the meeting was over, the chair was handed to Alec Dennis for the social part of the evening, who asked that:

Dec 1964 Wool Show

The Club was formed at a time when a lot of the members came from the farming community and this is evident by one of the original projects being the annual Wool Show, which is held in conjunction with the local Agricultural Show held in spring.  Over the years the Wool Show has been an incredible success and still continues today.   

Dec 1964 to Present

Since Carter the Yarrawonga club has been involved in the following projects:


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[2] Procedure for Charter Night (minutes) Lions Club of Yarrawonga Sat 5th Dec 1964