2019 Convention

Lions Club of Yarrawonga (Inc)

Victoria, Australia, District 201V6

2018 Woolshow

Yarrawonga/Mulwala  Agricultural Show

For the first time Yarrawonga Lions has joined events with our annual Wool Show which was held at the Agricultural Show on Saturday 6th October.

Once again, our local farmers supported us by donating 54 fleeces for presentation to our judges. Over 3 days fleeces were received, weighed, classed and judged and on Saturday presented to the public.  This year a medium merino fleece, weighing 7.2 kg, with a total score of 85.5 and owned by M & G Schreiber won both prestigious prizes of Champion Fleece and most valuable fleece.  Proceeds from the sale of these fleeces will be donated to “Need for Feed”. Giving back to the farmers. We would like to thank Elders for their continued support.

Our catering team was requested to provide a BBQ for the crowds which proved to be a very successful day.  The patronage took us all by surprise, but we all dug deep and as always found food for the masses. Our Lioness’s were also kept busy providing sandwiches, slices and Devonshire teas which proved very popular.

Our third section of the Show was the display of  “No Flies on us” with the Fruit Fly Project trailer being very visible from across the arena.  Lions District Fruit Fly Chairperson John Weinert and Yarrawonga Lions Representative Jock McDonald maned the site which proved very popular with locals and visitors alike. Lions members quickly assembled more free show bags as word of mouth around the showground made them a very popular item.

At the official opening of the Show, President Denis Griffiths addressed the crowd informing everyone about the Lions Centennial Project which was the mapping, cultivating, grading, and seeding of the arena of the Showground. In conjunction the arena project one of the toilet blocks was upgraded and painted. We were fortunate in receiving a grant form our local Moira Shire which offset a large portion of the cost. A very timely speech as everyone present was able to enjoy and benefit from our Centennial Project completion.


ANNUAL WOOL SHOW - 7th October, 2017

This year we were once again amazed by the support of our local wool producers with 70 fleeces being donated to our annual wool show.  Every year the fleeces are baled  and sent to the sales.

This year the proceeds of the sale of the fleeces is being donated to the Savernake Hall Committee as they are actively raising funds to upgrade their Hall and purchase a defibrillator.

MOST VALUABE FLEECE (excluding Rams)

C. RHODES - "Warragoon"


HELEN HUGGINS - "Mulwala Merino Stud"





Merino Lamb

M. & G. Schrieber

T. O'Donoghue

T. O'Donoghue


Helen Huggins

Helen Huggins

Josh Buerckner

Fine Merino

Helen Huggins

M & G Schrieber

Cawarra Pastoral

Medium Merino

C . Rhodes

C. Rhodes

A. & C. Browning

Strong Merino

D. Cooper

L. Stevenson

D. Cooper

Fine CBK

A. Stacey

K. Bruce

H. Stacey


P. & M. White

Flinders Gem

P. & A Glover

Fine XB

K. Bruce

P. Hammon

K. Bruce

Medium XB

G. & P Mills



XB Lambs

A. & A. Sloane

A. & A. Sloane

A. & A. Sloane